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As muslim men immigrated to sweden, they brought with them an islamic culture sanctioning rape it is a culture bad enough inherently in the treatment of its. Sweden muslims express 'shock' over mosque fire police investigating blaze that burned part of country's biggest shia place of worship outside stockholm. Sweden has appointed a pakistani muslim migrant as the head of its national heritage board, with the individual admitting that he hasn’t “read anything about cultural heritage” no, this is not a story out of the onion born in lahore pakistan, 44-year-old qaisar mahmood was appointed head of. In stockholm sweden's culture minister alice bah kuhnke said the government would launch a national strategy to counter islamophobia the idea is to educate people about islam and curb prejudice, she said. The muslim brotherhood emphasizes the need for all muslims in sweden to be presented as a homogeneous group with common interests and needs hence the importance of the establishment of a parallel islamic civil society with its own schools, kindergartens, hospitals, cultural centers, mosques, and other types of institutions. Sweden's minister for integration, the burundi-born nyamko sabuni, is a muslim herself on her mother's side and she has been trying to warn about the rise of islamist extremism there but her concerns have been largely ignored by the mainstream and her appointment to cabinet was, in fact, condemned by many swedish muslims. Sweden has appointed a pakistani muslim migrant as the head of its national heritage board, with the individual admitting that he hasn’t “read anything about cultural heritage.

Malmo, sweden – swedish authorities in the southern city of malmo (search) have been busy with a sudden influx of muslim immigrants — 90 percent of. Muslim criminal gangs have taken control of 55 “no-go zones,” according to a report released by swedish police, which. How can the answer be improved. Sweden has the fastest growing population in europe, due nearly totally to the influx of arabs and muslims from the middle east at the same time, its crime rate has. This feature is not available right now please try again later.

Sweden is disappearing from europe and is becoming a muslim middle eastern country with their culture of jihad, rape, murder, dictatorship and terrorism in their drive to become multicultural and tolerant of these above aberrant societal norms. Sweden’s famous ‘welfare state’ has attracted hordes of muslim immigrants from third world countries and native swedes are getting sick of paying their way and getting nothing but soaring rape and crime rates in return for their famous swedish hospitality.

The dominating religion in sweden is lutheran at 87%, with others like orthodox, roman catholic, baptist, muslim, buddhist and jewish at 13% the official language is swedish, while other languages spoken include small sami and finnish speaking minorities. Sweden’s board of health and welfare muslim swedish man was sentenced to six months in jail last year after using facebook to publicly raise money for isil. The muslim brotherhood is creating a 'parallel social structure' in sweden with the help of 'political elites' who foster a culture of silence, a damning government report has found. Update on the muslim savages rioting in sweden may 21, 2013 by barenakedislam 109 comments in the area of husby in stockholm sweden, about 200 armed muslims carried out a well-planned riot that burned hundreds of cars and buildings.

When salahuddin barakat founded the islam academy in 2013, he located it on the edge of rosengard, a predominantly muslim neighborhood that has been a flashpoint in sweden's sharpening debate over immigration it wasn't his first choice, he said, but people in central malmo said we don't want to. This swedish expat tells the story of how muslim migrants rendered her country unsafe for its citizens. Ami horowitz travels to stockholm, sweden to explore the cultural and religious clashes between liberal swedes and the recent influx of refugee immigrants. The swedish publication nyheteridag says that the attackers were “nysvenskar,” that is, “new swedes,” which is the establishment media euphemism for muslim migrants.

Sweeden muslim

Paris — sweden is known for its egalitarianism and openness so as the refugee crisis and immigration flows have thrust europeans into divisive debates about national identity, the swedes have chosen a 25-year-old muslim woman to host a christmas eve special on public television this is not just.

Qaisar mahmood, a muslim born in pakistan, is the new head of the swedish national heritage board this is an extremely anomalous appointment since he readily admits that he has not read anything about sweden’s cultural heritage. Scores of swedes took the streets of malmo, a southern city in sweden, on monday to protest an epidemic of violence that has taken the lives of far too many young people. Sweden far-right plans gay parade in mainly muslim area anti-racist group plans counter-rally against provocative parade condemned. With the percentage of muslims in sweden having grown exponentially over the past several decades, it's been only a matter of time for the first muslim party, jasin, to pop up in the nordic country's political spectrum. '60 minutes' ventured to sweden to show how peaceful refugees are they wanted to showcase the muslim assimilation into swedish culture. Tens of masked muslims rioted in stockholm, sweden, saturday night, apparently in retaliation for the convicting of a muslim who was sent to prison for 10 years for his involvement in a murder.

The swedish institute is a taxpayer-funded public agency designed to “promote sweden and swedish issues globally,” and as part of its public relations effort, it gives a different swede control of its twitter account, @sweden, every week this week, the global image of sweden is lebanese. A week of disturbances in sweden's capital has tested the scandinavian nation's reputation for tolerance, reports colin freeman.

Sweeden muslim
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